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Abstract Submission

Deadline for submission: 09 June 2023 -> The deadline for submission has passed. The outcome will be notified to the first author by 10 July 2023 who will be required to register to the conference (early registration deadline: 17 July 2023). 

Participants are invited to submit abstracts on subjects related to advanced breast cancer in one of the categories listed below.
Please note that all abstracts must relate to advanced (not early) breast cancer in order to be considered.
Abstracts will be assessed for presentation at the Conference, either oral or poster, or for publication in the ABC7 Abstract Book, supplement of The Breast.
The best abstracts will be selected for oral presentation within the programme with a 10-minute slide presentation followed by a 5-minute discussion slot.
The best abstracts oral presentations will be scheduled on Thursday, 9 November and poster presentations will take place on Friday, 10 November.


• Nursing
• Patient Advocacy
• Basic and translational research
• Clinical issues: Medical oncology
• Clinical issues: Radiation oncology
• Clinical issues: Surgical oncology
• Clinical issues: Supportive and palliative care
• Clinical issues: Other topics


• The number of characters is limited: 250 characters for the title (lower case letters) and maximum 3000 characters for the body of the abstract.
• Names of research groups should appear in the body of the abstract.
• Tables and images are not accepted.
• List the authors’ and co-authors’ affiliations.
• The first author will be the corresponding author and the presenter at the conference.
• When creating the user account, the first author should provide email and phone.
• For abstracts accepted for presentation (oral or poster), the first author will be the presenting author and will be requested to register and participate in the conference.
• It is the responsibility of the first author to ascertain whether all authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission is made.

The acknowledgement of receipt of the abstract will immediately follow the submission.



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