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Third party media policy

The policy applies to all activities related to the news media during or in connection with ABC7.
The aim is to ensure that information distributed to the journalists is accurate and is issued at the correct times, complying with any embargoes that may be in place.

The policy applies to media events that are organised in connection with ABC7 and all third parties are requested to adhere to it.

1. Any media event must pertain to presentations being made to the Conference as e-posters, on-demand oral presentations or live discussion sessions and not to satellite symposia alone. Reference to the ABC7 conference can only be made in connection with scientific presentations planned in the official programme of the meeting.
2. The programme and invitations for any third-party media event should be submitted to and agreed by the ABC7 press officers before any invitations are sent out. Programme and invitations should be submitted by 25 October 2023. Please email the press officers at info@ricemasonnoble.eu 
3. Press releases relating to ABC7 presentations must be labelled clearly with the abstract number, time and date of presentation to the Conference and submitted to the ABC7 press officers for approval at least two weeks before the publication date.
4. Third-party press releases relating to abstracts and/or presentations at ABC7 should be embargoed until 30 October 2023 when abstracts and on-demand sessions go online, unless they are included in the ABC7 official media programme; please check this with the ABC7 press officers as different embargo times may apply. The earliest time possible for embargoes to lift on these releases is 00:01 hrs GMT on 30 October 2023.
5. Third party media materials must not contain the logo of ABC Global Alliance or any of the ABC7 related societies and must not be presented in any way that could be construed as suggesting endorsement by the Conference, ABC Global Alliance or any of the ABC7 related societies.


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