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9:00 Patient advocacy session: The do’s and don’ts of complementary medicine
(Chairs: Renate Haidinger, DE and Anna Cabanes, US)
• Complementary medicine: what helps and what doesn’t (Maria João Cardoso, PT)
• New drugs, different side effect: can complementary medicine help? (Christoph Thomssen, DE)
• The danger of being lost between two worlds (Renate Haidinger, DE)
• Panel discussion and Q&A (Moderated by the chairs)
9:00 Sponsored satellite symposium (TBD)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Patient advocacy session: Having difficult conversations: Empowering patients and their families with tools and strategies of communication at end of life
(Chairs: Gunes Kalkan, UK Ranjit Kaur, MY, Shawna Rich-Ginsberg, CA)
• Accessing palliative care – Why the resistance? (Matti Aapro, CH)
• Navigating end of life conversations with family members and children (Luzia Travado, PT)
• Supporting decision making and advance care planning – A case study of two patients (2 MBC patients)
• Bereavement Support in the MBC Community (Shawna Rich-Ginsberg, CA)
• Discussion
11:00 Sponsored satellite symposium (TBD)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Opening session (Chairs: Fatima Cardoso, PT and Larry Norton, US)  
• Welcome to Lisbon (Local authority)
• Opening and introduction (Fatima Cardoso, PT)
• Keynote lecture (Claire Myerson, UK)
14:30 Meaningful clinical benefit: How to define, evaluate and communicate
(Chairs: Bella Kaufman, IL and Shirley A. Mertz, US)
• Applying the ESMO-MBCS to ABC systemic therapies (Shani Paluch-Shimon, IL)
• Optimal endpoints for ABC clinical trials: can we aim for more? (Nadia Harbeck, DE)
• Optimizing clinical trial designs in ABC: reaching relevant clinical benefit (E. Winer, US)
• Estimating and communicating survival times for each ABC patient (Belinda Kiely, AU)
• The role of big data and real-world data (George W. Sledge, US)
• Panel Discussion (All)
16:00 Coffee break
16:20 Best abstract presentations (Chairs: Karen Benn, IT and Alberto Costa, IT/CH)
16:55 Discussing the hardest issues (Chairs: Karen Gelmon, CA and Anna Cabanes, US)
• When to stop and who decides? (Gabriella Pravettoni, IT)
• Suicide and assisted suicide in ABC patients (Uwe Güth, CH)
• Optimal end of life care (Carla Ripamonti, IT)
• Panel discussion: how to support the terminal ill and family (All)
18:00 Patient advocacy session: When the cancer becomes visible - living with skin metastases from breast cancer
(Chairs: Maria João Cardoso, PT, Bertha Aguilar Lopez, MX and Gertrude Nakigudde, UG)
• Skin Metastases: the extension of the problem (Maria -Joao Cardoso, PT)
• Do skin metastases have a different biology? (Joana Ribeiro, PT)
• Skin directed therapy: Electrochemotherapy, is it a real option? (Giuseppe Curigliano, IT)
• Skin directed therapy: Radiotherapy and topical therapy (Birgitte V. Offersen, DK)
• Taking care of malignant wound – what should be considered? (Christine B. Boers-Doets, NL)
• Panel discussion and Q & A (Moderated by the chairs)
18:00 Sponsored satellite symposium (TBD)
19:30 Welcome cocktail  


7:30 Sponsored satellite symposium (TBD)
8:30 ABC Award and Lecture (Chair: L. Norton, US; Awardee: TBD)
9:00 Understanding and applying biology knowledge (Chair: Daniel A. Vorobiof, ZA and Gertrude Nakigudde, UG)
• Next generation sequencing for clinical decisions: friend or foe (Fabrice André, FR)
• Is lobular ABC a separate entity? (Sabine Linn, NL)
• De novo vs. recurrent ABC (Prudence A. Francis, AU)
• Biomarkers for new approaches: what have we been doing wrong? (Aleix Prat, ES)
• Discussion
10:10 Coffee break
10:30 Latest news: Triple Negative ABC (Chairs: Binghe Xu, CN and Kirsten Pilatti, AU)
Standards of care and optimal options (Hope S. Rugo, US)
New targets, new drugs (Andrew Tutt, UK)
Biology and resistance (Giuseppe Curigliano, IT)
11:25 Managing side effects and difficult symptoms (Chairs: Jonas Bergh, SE and Renate Haidinger, DE) 
Overcoming global hurdles in pain management: from morphine shortage to opioid abuse (Matti S. Aapro, CH)
Gynecological and sexual symptoms: the silent suffering (Christoph Thomssen, DE)
Fatigue and cachexia: from biology to solutions (Carlos H. Barrios, BR)
12:20 Lunch and poster session
13:30 Latest news: Luminal ABC (Chairs: Nagi S. El Saghir, LB and Bertha Aguilar Lopez, MX)
Standards of care and optimal options (Joseph Gligorov, FR)
New targets, new drugs (Peter Schmid, UK)
Biology and resistance (Carsten Denkert, DE)
• Discussion
14:25 Specific sites of metastases (Chairs: Alex Eniu, RO and Sung-Bae Kim, KR)
• Update on systemic therapy of brain metastases (Nancy U. Lin, US)
• Leptomeningeal disease (Laura Biganzoli, IT)
• The role of new RT techniques for metastases treatment (Birgitte V. Offersen, DK)
• Discussion
15:35 Coffee break
16:00 Latest news: HER2+ ABC (Chairs: Silvia Neciosup, PE and Ranjit Kaur, MY)
• Standards of care and optimal options (Lisa A. Carey, US)
• New targets, new drugs (Javier Cortés, ES)
• Biology and resistance (Frédérique Penault-Llorca, FR)
• Discussion
17:00 Improving monitoring of efficacy and toxicity (Chairs: Olivia Pagani, CH and Shawna Rich-Ginsberg, CA)
• Implementing PROMs in clinical research and clinical practice (Lesley Fallowfield, UK)
• Optimal imaging techniques for bone only disease Frédéric (E. Lecouvet, BE)
• The role of liquid biopsies (Paul Mainwaring, AU)
• Discussion
18:00 Patient advocacy session: Improving your communication skills: the floor is yours
(Chairs: Karen Benn, IT, Shirley A. Mertz, US and Kirsten Pilatti, AU)
• Doctors need to believe in miracles too: ensuring you understand therapeutic aims of treatment
   recommendations (Lesley Fallowfield, UK)
• Building communication skills in health professionals – the role that advocates can play (Fran Boyle, AU)
• The power of storytelling in advocating for change (Karen Benn, IT, Shirley Mertz, US and Kirsten Pilatti, AU)
• Case Studies x 3
• Q&A session
 18:00 Sponsored satellite symposium (TBD)


8:30 Consensus session (part I) (ABC5 chairs, Scientific Committee Members and Panellists)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Report from ABC Patient Advocacy Committee (Shirley A. Mertz, US)
11:15 Consensus session (part II) (ABC5 chairs, Scientific Committee Members and Panellists)
12:45 Close



ABC Global Alliance

ABC5 will be followed by the ABC Global Alliance meeting:
Part 1: Saturday, 16 November 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00, and
Part 2 : Sunday, 17 November 2019, from 9:00 to 13:00

For further information about the ABC Global Alliance, please contact
Roberta Ventura, rventura@eso.net, ph +41 91 820 0957