Abstract submission

The submission deadline is passed (11 May 2015).

Participants were invited to submit abstracts on subjects related to advanced breast cancer, including basic, translational research, clinical issues, nursing and advocacy.
Abstracts will be assessed for presentation at the Conference, either oral or poster, or for publication in the ABC3 Abstract Book, supplement of The Breast.
Best abstracts will be selected for oral presentation within the programme with a 10-minute slide presentation followed by a 5-minute discussion slot.
Best Abstracts oral presentations will be scheduled on Thursday, 5 November and poster presentations  on Friday, 6 November.



 Patient Advocacy

 Basic and translational research
 Clinical issues: Medical oncology

 Clinical issues: Radiation oncology
 Clinical issues: Surgical oncology
 Clinical issues: Supportive and palliative care
 Clinical issues: Other topics