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Sharing progress in cancer care

For the past 16 years, the School has worked successfully in collaboration with different industries via its innovative Sharing Progress in Cancer Care (SPCC) programme. Over the years the programme has evolved significantly as a result of changes within ESO as well as feedback from SPCC members.

Membership of the SPCC programme means that the company is encouraging the above described mission of ESO. This membership provides some significant benefits for companies active in the field of oncology. Key advantages include having the opportunity to:

  • Be a recognised supporter of a leading and highly respected provider of medical education in the cancer setting
  • Encourage and participate in educational initiatives that are targeted at developing tomorrow’s oncology leaders
  • Propose representatives for ESO events and articles in Cancer World magazine
  • Propose collaborative projects that are aligned with ESO’s mission
  • Secure advice and input from ESO’s leadership about educational initiatives and events
  • Have significant discounts on advertising in ESO publications and exhibiting at ESO events

SPCC offers participation and promotional opportunities within the School’s activities, such as Cancer World magazine and online at www.cancerworld.net, ESO-ESMO Masterclass in Clinical Oncology and further core events, e-ESO programme at www.e-eso.net, Certificates of Competence, the World Oncology Forum, besides the possibility to propose further collaborative educational projects.

Specific benefits offered to the SPCC Sustaining Members within ABC5 are outlined in the following pages.

SPCCFor further information about the SPCC programme, please contact:
Daniela Mengato
ph +39 02 85 464 523