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On demand sessions

All pre-recorded lectures will be available on-demand starting 15 October, 09:00 CET (date and time to be confirmed)

Patient advocacy session: Managing your Mind: stress, anxiety, depression and resilience

Chairs: Shirley A. Mertz, US and Claire Myerson UK


How to diagnose and manage stress, anxiety and depression in ABC patients.

What is resilience and how to develop it?

Luzia Travado, PT

30 min

Patient Experiences Panel

Panel of experts: Theresa Wiseman, UK – Shani Paluch Shimon, IL

Gloria Okwu, NG – Boon Lui Sew, MY - Nelly Perez, MX

40 min



Patient advocacy session: Can big data and artificial intelligence help ABC patients?

Chairs: Renate Haidinger, DE and Kim Sabelko, US


Technology-based PROMs and AI-driven decision

support: the example of CANKADO

Timo Schinköthe, DE

15 min

Emerging Pathomics – The role of AI pathology

Frédérique Penault-Llorca, FR 

15 min

A new tool: BCNA Symptom tracker

Kirsten Pilatti, AU 

15 min

Advancing ABC management through AI/Big data

Fatima Cardoso, PT

15 min



Patient advocacy session: Oncobrain: Not an excuse but a common reality

Chairs: Ginny Mason, US and Elizabeth Bergsten-Nordstrom, SE


What is it? How do you know you have it?

Ginny Mason, US and Elizabeth Bergsten-Nordstrom, SE

30 min

How to diagnose and to manage Onco-brain?

Berta Sousa, PT

30 min



Patient advocacy session: Global Inequalities in access to clinical trials

Chairs: Eva Schumacher, DE and Runcie C.W. Chidebe, NG


Global inequalities in access to ABC clinical trials in LMICs: Challenges and opportunities – the African perspective
Fumni Olopade, US

15 min

Global inequalities in access to ABC clinical trials in LMICs: Challenges and opportunities – the Latin-American perspective
Carlos Barrios, BR

15 min

Patient Experiences Panel

Panel of experts (TBC) :  Alexandru Eniu, CH – Gertrude Nakigudde, UG

Bertha Aguilar, MX – Ranjit Kaur, MY – Bishal Gyawali, CA

Dany Habr, US – Carlos Barrios, BR – Funmi Olopade, US

40 min


Challenges on evaluating patients with ABC

Chairs: Christoph Thomssen, DE and Frédéric E. Lecouvet, BE


Re-defining progressive disease: oligo-progression, pseudo-progression, endocrine flare

Karen Gelmon, CA

15 min

How to act in discordant biomarker results (primary vs mets vs other mets)

Aleix Prat, ES

15 min

Optimal timing and interval of imaging for ABC (clinical practice & trials)

George W. Sledge, US

15 min

Is it time to change the follow-up guidelines for early BC - aka - is it

worthwhile to detect metastatic disease earlier?

Ann H. Partridge, US

15 min


Best abstract presentations  

Chairs: Alberto Costa, IT/CH and Renate Haidinger, DE


Measuring knowledge, skills and confidence in metastatic breast cancer nursing: The Cancer Nurse Self-Assessment Tool for Metastatic Breast Cancer (CaN-SAT-MBC)
Gillian Kruss, AU

10 min

From early to metastatic breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis of distant recurrence rates
Eileen Morgan, FR

10 min

A national study of the experiences, information needs and attitudes to clinical research of patients living with secondary breast cancer in the UK
Lesley Stephen, UK

10 min

Emotional distress, brain functioning, social well-being and biobehavioral processes in metastatic breast cancer patients: outcomes of the DistressBrain Project
Luzia Travado, PT

10 min


The standards in 2021

Chairs: Elzbieta Senkus, PL and Bertha Aguilar, MX


Current standard of care for HER2+ ABC

Sandra M. Swain, US

15 min

Current standard of care for Triple Negative ABC

Giuseppe Curigliano, IT

15 min

Current standard of care for ER+/HER2 neg ABC

Nadia Harbeck, DE

15 min


Biology Medley         

Chairs: William J. Gradishar, US and Sung-Bae Kim, KR


Beyond overexpression/amplification of HER2

Giuseppe Viale, IT

15 min

Predictive biomarkers for immune-checkpoint inhibitors: lost or found?

Frédérique Penault-Llorca, FR

15 min

Biomarkers of resistance/response to endocrine-based therapy.

What's ready for clinical practice?

Nicholas Turner, UK

15 min

Hereditary breast cancer: which markers besides gBRCA?

Shani Paluch-Shimon, IL

15 min


Who's caring for the carers? 

Chairs: Olivia Pagani CH, Lesley Fallowfield UK and Barbara Wilson, UK


Spouses, Children, Parents: psychological issues

Luzia Travado, PT

15 min

What do carers need to care

Theresa Wiseman, UK

15 min

Health Care Providers: Compassionate fatigue

Michal Braun, IL

15 min


What's new in the management of inoperable inflammatory (IBC) and locally advanced breast cancer (LABC)

Chairs: Ginny Mason, US and Daniel A. Vorobiof, US 


Have we improved our knowledge about biology?

Sofia D. Merajver, US

15 min

Systemic management of inoperable inflammatory breast cancer: any news?

Hamouda Boussen, TN

15 min

Optimal loco-regional management

Maria Joao Cardoso, PT

15 min

What should be updated in the ABC guidelines for systemic therapy for

inoperable LABC and IBC?

Joseph Gligorov, FR

20 min


From manageable to tolerable: focus on side effects         

Chairs: Shinji Ohno, JP and Eva Schumacher, DE


Pneumonitis/Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)

Hope S. Rugo, US

15 min

Immune-related toxicity

Carlos H. Barrios, BR

15 min

Preventing and treating cardiotoxicity

Evandro de Azambuja, BE

15 min

The role of cannabis for ABC patients

Matti S. Aapro, CH

15 min


Oligometastatic disease and specific sites of metastases  

Chairs: Shani Paluch-Shimon, IL and Ranjit Kaur, MY


Re-defining oligo-metastatic disease and its systemic management

Prudence A. Francis, AU

15 min

SBRT and new radiotherapy techniques for metastatic disease

Birgitte V. Offersen, DK

20 min

Optimal management of peritoneal carcinomatosis and ascites

Nagi El Saghir, LB

15 min


Drug development for ABC  

Chairs: Jonas Bergh, SE and Kirsten Pilatti, AU


Antibody-drug conjugates: delivering chemotherapy at the tumor's doorsteps

Javier Cortés, ES

15 min

Newer therapeutic options for triple negative ABC

Rebecca A. Dent, SG

15 min

New drug interactions and consequences

Alessandra Gennari, IT

15 min

Is the maximum tolerated dose (MDT) still the optimal goal for cancer drugs?

Larry Norton, US

15 min


Managing ABC during a pandemic   

Chairs: Elizabeth Bergsten-Nordström, SE and Binghe Xu, CN


Lessons learned from COVID-19

Laura Biganzoli, IT

15 min

The ABC of vaccination for advanced breast cancer patients

Alexandru Eniu, CH      

15 min

Strengths and limitations of tele-medicine for ABC patients

Fran Boyle, AU

15 min



Daiichi Sankyo/AstraZeneca sponsored satellite symposium: A team approach to the treatment of patients with HER2-postive metastatic breast cancer


Lilly sponsored satellite symposium: Beyond the doors of MDT meeting: impact on HR+HER2- breast cancer patients.
Real world discussion


Novartis sponsored satellite symposium: What matters to patients with HR+ HER2– ABC: Expanding options for living better for longer


Pfizer sponsored satellite symposium: Raising awareness of underserved patient populations: Solutions from the real world


Seagen sponsored satellite symposium: Multidisciplinary team perspectives on the evolving treatment landscape in HER2+ MBC



Sponsored satellite symposia programmes available here.